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Hire a Themed Bar

Hire a Themed Bar 

Hiring a Themed Bar is perfect for themed events, often the bar is the main attraction, so this means it’s important to get the correct mobile bar for your event that allows the cocktail bartenders and event staff to serve drinks fast and efficiently, whilst fitting in with the events décor and atmosphere.

We can also brand our bars for corporate events and can either create or modify bespoke bars for private parties making them an essential requirement for big functions.

Previous Themed Bars we have done include:

  • American Dinner Bar
  • Botantist Bar
  • Gentleman Bar
  • Havana Bar
  • Las Vegas Bar
  • Speakeasy Bar
  • 007 Cocktail Bar


Bar Sizes Available:

5ft, 10ft, 15ft & 20ft (Subject to Availability)

*Available to hire throughout the UK & Internationally.

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