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Hire Stilt Walker Performers


Hire Stilt Walker Peformer 

Stilts which are poles equipped with adjustable steps which allow an entertainer to stand high above the crowd demanding attention wherever they are.

This is a really unique way of attracting publicity to your event and you can dress the entertainers & stilts in bespoke costumes perfect for themed events.

Stilt performers are most effective for any street promotions or meeting and greeting events, whether it is a private or corporate occasion.

They are perfect for festivals and the nightclub scene as all of our entertainers are multi skilled and are often skilled dancer alongside a variety of other skills like aerial dancing, cage dancing and pole dancing.

* Available to hire Nationwide


Hire an Angle Grinder Peformer

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Hire an Angle Grinder Peformer

Angle Grinding has the appearance of danger but it is completely safe, a metal plate which is attached to the entertainers arm or pelvis is then pressed against a grinding disc by the performer to create exciting visual sparks.

Angle Grinders are most effective in dark environments or on a stage alongside DJ’s and Artists in nightclubs or outside at festivals.

All of our entertainers are multi skilled and are often skilled dancers alongside a variety of other skills.

Our Performers will also run a standard health and safety check on arrival to an event even though they are covered by PLI (Public Liability Insurances), please check with the venue that this service is suitable before you hire an angle grinder to avoid any disappointment.

Available to hire Nationwide.

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