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Hire a Flair Bartender

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Hire a Flair Bartender

Flair Bartenders are the performers of the drinks industry who dazzle guest with their bottle juggling skills and showmanship whilst creating a cocktail master pieces.

These guys are the guys you will see on television adverts.

There is 2 types of flair bartending hire we do:

  • Working Flair – those who create cocktails with speed & style whilst doing a variety of bar tricks and flair routines.
  • Exhibition Flair – those who compete often worldwide and can perform on stage in front of large audiences doing a flair show or tandem. (Cost Extra )

Both types of bartenders are fantastic to watch and both have an overwhelming passion for flair.

NOTICE: All staff are advised that speed of service comes before flair, however flair will be performed whenever possible.

What do you get when you hire a Flair Bartender?

  • A professional Flair Bartender
  • Specialist cocktail equipment included
  • Individual Flair Routines & Bar Tricks
  • 45 min – 1 hour preparation variable
  • Shopping list Included (On request)
  • Personal event organiser to make sure your event operates smoothly via email, text and telephone.

*Available to hire throughout the UK & Internationally


Hire an American Diner Bar

Hire an american diner cocktaill bar liverpool

Hire an Ameircan Diner Bar

Hiring a American Diner Bar is great for ameircan themed events or private parties, often the bar is the main attraction, so this means it’s important to get the correct mobile bar for your event that allows the cocktail bartenders and event staff to serve drinks fast and efficiently, whilst fitting in with the events décor.

Bar Sizes Available:

5ft, 10ft, 15ft & 20ft (Subject to Availability)

*Available to hire throughout the UK & Internationally.


Birthday Event Services

  • Published in Events

birthday-event services liverpool, shrewsbury, chester, manchester, birmingham,leeds, london

Flirtina Events has does many birthday parties throughout the years nationwide and cater for all age groups, the age group we mainly supply is 18-65 years, however we have been known to do fabulous mocktail parties for kids and prestige events for O.A.P's.

We aim to deliver a true cocktail experience and make your birthday as fun as possible.

No matter what the size of your party we aim to deliver the most affordable option for your birthday.

What type of Birthday Parties have we done?

  • Celebrity Birthdays
  • Outdoor Marquees
  • Pool Party
  • Private Party Houses
  • Spa Days
  • Themed Birthdays

What services can we offer to Birthday organisers?

  • Bespoke Cocktail Bar hire
  • Flair Bartender hire
  • Cocktail Mixologist hire
  • Cocktail Glassware hire
  • Ice Bar hire
  • Vodka Luge hire
  • Circus Acts ~ Fire Breathers ~ Stilts Walkers ~ Angle Grinding ~ Dancers 
  • Host & Hostess hire
  • Mobile DJ hire
  • Event Photography hire
  • Event Videography hire
  • Butler in the Buff hire

*All of the above can be hired either as a dry hire package or wet hire package in full or in part.

* Available all over the UK & Internationally 

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