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Hire a Fire Performer

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Hire a Fire Performer

Fire breathing is creating eye catching fireballs by breathing a flammable substance using a professional technique and equipment to deliver a visual show to audiences with that wow factor.

It is completely safe, performed by professionals with the correct fuel and equipment to avoid all risk to Health & Safety.

Fire Breathing can be performed with many different objects to fit in with themed events.

  • Fire Candles
  • Fire Fans
  • Fire Hoops
  • Fire Flair (Only for Fire Flair Bartenders)
  • Bespoke Props

Fire Acts are most effective in dark environments, nightclubs, festivals and the outdoors, but they can be used indoors away from all fire alarms, with a safe distance from any guests.

Health & Safety

All of our staff come with PLI (Public Liability Insurance) and will search the area on arrival for any last minute safety issues.

Check with the venue before booking, to make sure fire acts are permitted as all of the below may cause issues.

  • Listed Building
  • Low Ceiling
  • Dangerous Objects

* Available to hire in the UK & Internationally

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