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Hire a Cocktail Mixologist

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Hire a Cocktail Mixologist

Cocktail Bartenders or the more glamorous term Mixologists are the true professionals for making spectacular bespoke cocktails.

They can make the vast majority of classic cocktails around the world and they have their very own repertoire of unique cocktails.

Mixologists are chefs of the drinks industry and know what flavours mix well together and love to excite guests taste buds with perfectly balanced sweet, sour, spicy, bitter cocktails

These guys are the cocktail bartenders brand ambassadors call when they want to create cocktails for newly released products, they have a true passion for cocktails and the art that is mixology.

The most luxurious way to experience this bartending service is to hire a bartender for your private house party or corporate function anywhere in the UK or Internationally.

What do you get when you hire a Cocktail Mixologists?

  • A professional Cocktail Bartender
  • Specialist cocktail equipment included
  • 45 min – 1 hour preparation variable
  • Shopping list Included (On request)
  • Personal event organiser to make sure event your event operates smoothley via email, text and telephone.

Extras Mixology Services

  • Dry Ice theme
  • Molecular Mixology theme
  • Botanical Cocktails theme
  • Spirit Training & Spirit Tasting 

*Available to hire in the UK & & Internationally

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