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Cocktail Glassware Hire

Standard Glassware 

Shot Glass 1.25oz / 3.6cl

Hiball Glass 13.5oz / 38cl

Rocks Glass 8.75oz / 25cl

Tall Cooler Glass 13oz / 37cl

Saxon Large Wine Glass Plain 12oz / 34cl

Saxon Champagne Flute 6.5oz / 16cl


Speciality Glasses

Coupe - Chamagne Saucer 8.5oz / 24cl

Cin Cin Tall Sling Glass 14oz / 40cl

Brandy Snifter Glass 14oz / 40cl

Capri Pina Colada Glass 13oz / 37.5cl

Squall Hurricane Cocktail Glass 15oz / 42cl

Cin Cin Tall Beer Glass Plain 14oz / 40cl

Dimple Pint Beer Glass Tankard 20oz / 57cl


*All of the following Glassware is available to Flirtina Event clients at competitive rates with other services.

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