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Hire a Pink Gloss Bar

hire-a pink gloss cocktail bar liverpool Hire a Pink Cocktail Bar

Hiring a Pink Gloss Bar is great for birthday parties, hen parties, ladies nights and barmitzvah's, often the bar is one of the main attraction, so this means it’s important to get the correct mobile bar for your event that allows the cocktail bartenders and event staff to serve drinks fast and efficiently, whilst fitting in with the events décor.

We can also brand our bars for corporate events and create/modify bespoke bar for private parties making them an essential requirement for big functions.

Bar Sizes Available:

5ft, 10ft, 15ft & 20ft (Subject to Availability)

*Available to hire throughout the UK & Internationally.


Hire a Butler in the Buff

hire-butlers-in-the-buff-liverpool-manchester-shrewsbury-chester-north-wales-birmingham-londonhire-naked butlers-liverpool-manchester-shrewsbury-chester-north-wales-birmingham-london

Hire a Butler in the Buff

Butlers in the Buff are topless male models with muscular bodies that can be delivered with as little on as just an apron.

They are extremely popular for ladies nights or hen parties and are guaranteed to spice up your event.

What does a Butler in the Buff do?

Now besides looking sexy and staying unclothed the butler is there to be your personal drinks/canapé waiter for the night, they are also there to be the main party prop for hen party games such as body shots and many more classics.

What is the perfect ladies only night?

For the prefect evening you would need a Flirtina Mobile Cocktail Bar, a charming Mixologist to mix up tasty drinks with tom cruise flair and of course a topless hunk to be your personal man slave like you always secretly wanted.

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